"Escape Music® A New Dawn"
Places Bob Baran At #10
On Billboard's New Age Catalog Chart!

An August, 2009 phone call from Billboard Magazine's New York City, office confirmed "Escape Music® A New Dawn" solo piano album by Bob Baran,
hit #10 on the "Billboard New Age Catalog Chart".

Having already made it to the Grammy Ballot in four categories (including new age album of the year) when released in 2006 - this brought "Escape Music" full circle from pure stream of consciousness "Quantum Transcendence™" creativity experiment - to acheiving national recognition and being awarded a trademark by the U.S.P.T.O. for his "unique and original sytle of music" .

Listen to snippets of the album at Gathering Wave - music or you can hear the complete track of "Escape" at Bob's Myspace page.

Bob Baran - The Short Version of A Long Story

Contemplating a "movie script" about the trials, tribulations and ultimate  success of an Artist?

...You won't have to fictionalize the life and career of composer, artist, author and multi-instrumentalist Bob Baran.

When you hear the story about the short chubby 4th grader from Detroit being denied his first saxophone lesson by an elementary school band teacher your heart sinks...

But then the story turns:  His family moves to New Orleans and his first music lesson instead comes from the director of the city's top High School Jazz band.  Not bad, but it gets better.

How his love of photography led to his becoming the weekend photographer for a small weekly news paper in Loves Park, Illinois - while he was still in high school - and later become the "campus photographer" at the first college he attended - with full faculty privileges (well, parking privileges!)

If that wasn't enough how less than a year later he started his music career playing in a band at the top nightclub in Rockford, Ill and "touring" with a rock band at the age of 19... 

"Never Give Up..." - Bob Baran

How at 23 (and married) he walked off an automobile assembly line after a few weeks and into an Encyclopedia Britannica sales office. After a couple of monnths, he wins a four state sales contest while simultaneously having the largest amount of "sales cancellations" in the company! Next he's accepted into the Indiana University School of Music, by Dr. Eugene Rousseau, acknowledged as the leading Professor of saxophone in the world... Six months after the saxophone department had closed its admissions for the year...

From the assembly line to IU within in a period of only six months!

That's just a taste of the remarkable story of Bob Baran.  You can read about his business success - credentials and national recognition on other web sites on the internet.

If his middle name isn't improvisation it must be determination. A determination to discover the source of creativity and for his music - which he believes exists somewhere between the left and right-brain functions of the human mind he refers to as the "zone" of the superconscious.  He believes his unique understanding of the quantum consciousness creative process allows him to directly tap into and reinforces his connection to the "zone". 

"It's a place you get to inside yourself that always surprises you. My music is a reflection the zone"...Says Baran.

No newcomer to recording and producing music, Bob has engineered and produced well over 300 albums through the years in his recording studios in Indiana, Montana, and most recently in Laguna Hills, California.  His many national releases earned him membership in the exclusive "Engineers and Producers Wing" of the Recording Acadamy.

His production company;  Baran Productions, renamed: Bob Baran And Associates is on the Radio Advertising Bureau's "List of Recommended Creative Resources". Chances are you may have already heard one of his jingles, radio spots, or radio productions.   (Go online to for more information.)

Baran's original musical style and growing repertoire of recorded music has become a genre unto it’s self with a trademarked name: "Escape Music ®". "for a unique and original style of music" - it may be the first time the U.S.P.T.O. ever granted a trademark for an "artistic style".

His last CD release; "Escape Music ® A New Dawn", which was on the 49th Grammy ballot in four different categories, presents a live unedited quantum consciousness solo piano performances. An album inspired by a breathtaking sunrise -further reinforcing the unique musical niche Baran's music occupies.

What about the sax? 

As a multi-instrumentalist, the sax has become one of several instruments Baran now calls upon.  "I've benefited from the evolution of music and recording technology. A good example is  my  wind  plays like a sax but can sound like a violin, trumpet or an electric guitar.  Add my collection of keyboards and music software and I have unlimited possibilities for musical textures, colors and instruments when I'm composing.  It gives me Artistic control over every aspect of my music... But for me, solo piano is still the Holy Grail."

Bob made a strategic decision in 2007...

He believed his creative success was due to achieving a "state of knowingness".

"Knowingness describes a natural confidence you intutively have about something"

Bob sincerely believed his musical acheivement was the direct result of his knowingness he could indeed sit down at the piano and instantaneously compose new music in real-time. He was convinced "getting to that place" was repeatable and teachable. In an abrupt shift in his career trajectory, in 2007, he begain the painstaking process of "interpreting and organizing" his experiences into a quantifiable step by step process which would give anyone results similar to his own..

This became the Intentional Prosperity™ System.

"I was able to take the creative process I was using to unleash my original music and turn it into a methodology that anyone could learn and benefit from. This is a very exciting time moving into the practical application of a process which is only limited by your desire" says Bob.

Unleash the innate unlimited potential you were born with - and you can live the life of your dreams

The crowning achievement to his consciousness research took place in 2011.

"The missing ingredient, the ability to experience instantaneous permanent change, came as a life-saving epihany. The Intentional Prosperity™ Sytem was for me the "holy grail" of understanding "the process". Not until I was forced to "fix" myself did I finally connect the dots and discover the ability to create instantaneous change. The change I experienced was so profound, I realized I had to bring this astonishing discovery to a place where I could share it with individuals, who like me, were serious about personal enlightenment and growth."

In 2012 Bob Baran, established Quantum Transcendence™ Group, in Laguna Hills, California and has been personally sharing his life changing process for real permanent change...Quantum Transcendence Awakening™

The latest from Bob Baran's Intentional Prosperity™ System

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